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Rural Development and Cooperative Division,

 Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh .

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Bangladesh achieved independence about 39 years ago after an immense sacrifice of human life and material losses. Economic deprivation, discrimination, poverty, violation of human rights, those were the main driving force worked behind the liberation movement. Rural Development and Co-operative Division, along with other government and non-government agencies is working to reduce poverty and planned economic growth in the rural areas.


RDCD is mandated to formulate policy on rural development and cooperatives and undertaking numerous development programmes based on its mandates and guided by people’s wishes over the decades and implemented by different agencies working under this  division.


The Constitution of Bangladesh has given much importance on Co-operatives. In article 13 , co-operative sector has recognised as the second big sector after state ownership. RDCD in trying to promote the co-operatives ownership in every sphere of national life.  

The RDCD website is a portrayal of all its broad activities, focusing on the current programmes. The principal objectives are to create a platform for continual dialogue with the stakeholders efficiently and effectively, take measures for good governance by opening up avenues of transparency, accountability and participation for policy/programme formulation and review, publish the citizens’ charters, and of course keep it updated about the needs of the people in a rapidly changing world.


We are responsive to the needs of the poor and accountable to the people.


I express my sincere gratitude to all the concerned persons for putting their labour of love for preparing and hoisting the website.



















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