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Since independence, the Government of Bangladesh has endeavored to improve the qulity of life of the people through planned development efforts. The constitution of the country provided for fulfilling the basic needs of the people, i.e food clothingshelter,health and education. That is why, successive five years plan attached high priority to rural development and poverty alleviation. Different innovation approaches were adopted to ensure resource mobilization,employment generation,empowerment of women,sustainable community development, public-private partnership including rural infrastructure development which, in fact manifested the continuous commitments of the Government.
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To uplift the status of the poor people living in the rural areas, the government of Bangladewsh set up the Rural Development and Cooperative Division ( RDCD ) under the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives. The office of RDCD is located at the 6th and 7th floors of the Building no. 7 of Bangladesh Secretariat. This Division is responsible for polocy formulation, planning, monitoring and administration of rural development and cooperative initiatives of the country. RDCD is also assigned to coordinate the activities pertaining to rural development umndertaken by other Ministries and provide policy guidelines to the RDA and BARD are serving the policy guidelines and formulating recommendations related to poverty reduction strategies through their symbiotic research and action- research programmes.  

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